CL-P6 Camera and Lens Cleaning Pen - Dual ended pad. Retractable Brush.

  • £5.99

CL-P6 Lens Cleaning Pen 

A lightweight, pen-shaped cleaning tool; it can be applied to
cleaning optical parts  such as camera lenses, viewfinders, filters and displays of
cameras, video cameras, phones and tablets. One end of cleaning pen is a soft brush. It
can remove particles on the lens surface etc.. The other end is a smart designed dual tip
carbon tip which has a circular end and a triangle cleaning end. The circular end is
suitable for the round optical screen cleaning, while the triangle cleaning is useful for cleaning
the corners of a viewfinder or screen. There is carbon powder in the cap for supplement,
the non-liquid carbon cleaning compound won't spill or dry out. The product is easy to use.
It's safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Product Highlights

 Widely applicable to optical parts

 Easy to use

 Circular end and a triangle cleaning end fit the cleaning better

 Non-liquid carbon cleaning compound


The Cleansing Tip shall not be used with liquid detergent.