Maxsimafoto - Professional LCD Glass Screen Protector For Nikon D4

  • £15.95

  • PRO LCD Glass Protector for Nikon D4
  • (three parts ; LCD screen, lower screen and top screen)
  • Main screen is Self-adhesive & removable without residue
  • Hardened, optical glass, Anti Glare, Anti scrape, Anti bump.
  • Perfect protection without blistering
  • Thickness less than 0.5mm

LCD screen protector uses ultra thin optical glass, it is high transparency, anti-scrape, anti-bump, anti-aging and easy to install. It is rigid and made of optical glass material, which achieves more than 90% of light transmittance (higher than plastic LCD screen protectors), thus making the LCD screen clear. Only 0.5mm thick with 6 layers of coatings and UV Protection. Optical glass strengthened through special crafting process. Prevent scratches, collisions and moderate impact effects to the LCD screen. The protector is reusable. Easy to Install, No trimming required, fit directly on your LCD screen. Just clean your LCD screen first, peel off the white back of the protector to stick. Easy to install and bubble free, unlike plastic protectors which always give you bubbles between the protector and the screen. No adhesive backing to the LCD screen. Uses Electrostatic technology - No adhesive. Can be removed and reinstalled without leaving glue on your LCD screen. NOTE: Ensure that protector and camera screen are at room temperature before applying.